Dark Metroidvania Game Voidwrought Announced as Debut Title for PowerSnake

Hoping to be the next indie Metroidvania hit, Powersnake and Kwalee are teaming up to bring us Voidwrought.

The game was announced today, along with a new trailer that shows off some of the world you’ll hack and slash through, and it is complete with a decent amount of gameplay footage.

Voidwrought is described as a dark, cosmic, horror-based action-platformer. The game occurs in a world where a “Red Star” brings the main protagonist, the Simulacrum. You’ll be looking to collect the blood of the gods and diving deep under the star to “multidimensional depths.”

Judging by the trailer, the game looks to be living up to the promise of being a fast-paced action platformer. Massive enemies will stand in your way as you dodge their attacks, lasers, explosions, and jump around them to inflict damage.

Voidwrought will also have an Artifact system. This will allow you to equip different items in order to play to your playstyle. It may not sound like anything new, but some customization, unlockables, and choice is always a welcome addition to games like this.

Finally, you’ll also be creating a new beginning. Under the surface, you’ll help build a shrine where you can discover new and helpful NPCs and even areas to discover.

Voidwrought is set to release on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store and on Nintendo Switch sometime this year.