Vivendi Sets Sights On Ubisoft After Gameloft Hostile Takeover

Vivendi v Ubisoft Header

Vivendi’s acquisition of Gameloft is complete and they are now one. But they’re not stopping there. Vivendi is eyeing Ubisoft.

The french, multi-media company, who once owned Activision, owns huge shares in each company for the last few months as an attempt at a hostile takeover. How did they do this exactly? Well they offered shareholders an inflated price to persuade them to sell.

Vivendi issued a letter to all Gameloft employees that said:

“You will join shortly an international content and media group where creativity is the heart of its organization and its activities. We are very pleased to welcome you and to pool your talents with ours, so that together, we will be a stronger presence on the worldwide entertainment market.”

It’s no secret that Ubisoft greatly detests being bought out by Vivendi. As a way to fight back, Ubisoft has asked for support from Canadian investors who aren’t looking to jump ship any time soon. Vivendi currently owns 17% of Ubisoft’s shares.