Visions of Mana

New Look At Square Enix’s Visions of Mana

Joining today’s Xbox Developer Direct was Square Enix as the first new Mana in 15 years, ready to launch this summer with Visions of Mana. This entry is also the first game in the series to appear on Xbox.

Visions of Mana is the first Mana game in 15 years

Mana Series Producer Masaru Oyamada and Mana Series Creator Koichi Ishii appeared during today’s presentation to give excited fans a look at their new project.

“I think we’ve managed to capture all of these elements in one consistent visual style for Visions of Mana, which reflects the spirit of the series,” says Oyamada.

“But from my own perspective, I think there’s very much a distinctive Mana style that is easily recognizable to everyone. You can see it in the Tree of Mana illustrations by the great Hiroo Isono, in Mr. Ishii’s unforgettable monsters, and in the characters that inhabit these worlds,” he continues.

As Val, the new protagonist, you’ll explore a pretty expansive world. One day, Val’s best friend is chosen as an alm who travels to the Mana Tree and rejuvenates the flow of mana throughout the world. Val’s job is to protect her as a Soul Guard.

The world is expansive and filled with monsters, so Val must keep his wits about him as he faces the odds. He’ll also find tons of hidden secrets within the world, and from the looks of the trailer, it is a colourful world.

Combat was also previewed, and Val took on enemies via aerial combat using physical and magic attacks in mid-air. Of course, the Mana series is known for Elemental spirits, which also appear in the trailer as specialized weapons.

Viewers tuning in today were also introduced to a new companion in Visions of Mana called the “pikuls.” Designed by Mana Series Creator Koichi Ishii, the new companion takes inspiration from animals and mythology and will help players traverse the game’s expansive ground map.

Square Enix also revealed that the Visions of Mana soundtrack will feature a track list of 100 songs at launch, with contributions from musical creators who lent their talents to previous Mana titles, including Hiroki Kikuta, Tsuyoshi Sekito and Ryo Yamazaki.

Visions of Mana will be released in the Summer of 2024 on Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.