Video Game Releases

Weekly Video Game Releases: October 11th to 16th 2021

It’s time for another edition of Console Creatures’ weekly recap of video game releases, where we list all the games – be they big or small – that came out this past week, the second week of October.

Not just full video game releases, but any demos, DLC, expansions and really anything else that’s worth noting.

This list was originally produced for a video game releases podcast segment on the Canadian Geekcast, which is a three-person geek-related podcast that dives into the realms of movies, TV, video games, tech and whatever else that tickles the hosts’ fancy.

Below are the confirmed North American video game releases that came out from October 11th through the 16th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch & Stadia. Let’s dive in.

October 11th

Book of Travels (PC via Early Access)

October 12th

Back 4 Blood (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series) – Xbox Game Pass
Monster Crown (PC & Switch)
Disco Elysium: The Final Cut (Xbox One, Xbox Series & Switch)

October 13th

Catty & Batty: The Spirit Guide (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series & Switch)
Critadel (PC & Switch)
Immortus Temporus (Xbox One & Switch)
Dark Grim Mariupolis (PC via Microsoft Store)
Switch Only:
Starlight Alliance

October 14th

Aeon Must Die (PC, PS4, Xbox One & Switch)
The Riftbreaker (PC, PS5 & Xbox Series) – Xbox Game Pass
Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality (PC, PS4 & Xbox One)
Dungeon Encounters (PC, PS4 & Switch)
Arcade Archives: Rally-X (PS4 & Switch)
Red Ronin (Xbox One & Switch)
Coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series & Switch:
The Jackbox Party Pack 8
Henchman Story
Coming to PC & Switch:
A Little Golf Journey
Mon Amour
Ruin Raiders
Coming to PS4 & Xbox One:
Murder House Game
PC Only:
Sphere – Flying Cities
Chasing Static
Despot’s Game
Vzerthos: The Heir of Thunder (Microsoft Store)
Oberhasli (Core)
Xbox One Only:
Ring of Pain
Lotus Reverie: First Nexus
Switch Only:
Fight of Animals: Arena
Evil Tonight
Tears of Avia
The Sundew
Inspector Waffles
Bonito Days
Waifu Discovered 2: Medieval Fantasy
Zumania – Magic Casual Puzzle
Aliens Drive Me Crazy

October 15th

Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series)
Gleylancer (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series & Switch)
NHL 22 (PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series)
Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt (Xbox One & Switch)
Coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One & Switch:
Crysis Remastered Trilogy
The Good Life – Xbox Game Pass
Switch Only:
Wild & Horror Pinball
Puzzle 9

October 16th

Extreme Race (Switch)

That’s all the confirmed North American video game releases for October 11th to 16th 2021.

The video game releases highlights for next week include The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series), Resident Evil 4 VR (PC via Oculus Quest 2) & Dying Light: Platinum Edition (Switch).

This has been Console Creatures’ weekly video game releases!


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