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Weekly Video Game Releases: July 3rd to 9th

It’s time for another edition of Console Creatures’ weekly recap of video game releases, where we list all the games – be they big or small – that came out during this past week in July 2022.

Not just full video game releases, but any demos, DLC, expansions and really anything else that’s worth noting.

This list was originally produced for a video game releases podcast segment on the Canadian Geekcast, which is a three-person geek-related podcast that dives into the realms of movies, TV, video games, tech and whatever else that tickles the hosts’ fancy.

Below are the confirmed North American video game releases that came out from July 3rd through the 9th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series & Switch. Let’s dive in.

July 3rd

The Jumping Sandwich: TURBO (PS4 & PS5)

July 4th

Instant Sports All-Stars (PS4, PS5 & Switch)
Dungeons of Sundaria (PS4)
Timber Story (Switch)

July 5th

Arcadegeddon (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series)

July 6th

Quintus and the Absent Truth (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series & Switch)
Rush Rally Origins (PC & Xbox One)
Let’s Play! Oink Games (PC)
Cursed Island (Xbox One & Switch)

July 7th

Matchpoint: Tennis Championships (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series) – Game Pass
QUByte Classics – Zero Tolerance (PS4, Xbox One & Switch)
Overrogue (PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series & Switch)
Madison (PC, Xbox One & Xbox Series)
The Galactic Junkers (PS4 & Switch)
Dungeons of Sundaria (PS5)
PC Only:
Witch Strandings
Switch Only:
Secrets of Magic 4: Potion Master
Doki Doki Family
Color Breakers
Japanese NEKOSAMA Escape The Local Train
Sticks Collection

July 8th

KLONOA Phantasy Reverie Series (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series & Switch)
Yurukill: The Calumniation Games (PC, PS4, PS5 & Switch)
Formula Bit Racing DX (Xbox One, Xbox Series & Switch)
Crypt of the Serpent King Remastered 4K Edition (PS5 & Xbox Series)
Strong Moon (Xbox One)
Coming to PS4 & Xbox One:
Adventures of Chris
Eternal Hope
Switch Only:
Super Rebellion
Road of Death
Elves Fantasy Hentai Puzzle

July 9th

Gangsta Magic (Switch)

That’s all the confirmed North American video game releases for July 3rd through the 9th.

The video game releases highlights for next week include DC League of Super Pets: The Adventures of Krypto and Ace (PC, PS4, Xbox One & Switch), PowerWash Simulator (PC, Xbox One & Xbox Series), XEL (PC & Switch) & Rune Factory 5 (PC).

This has been Console Creatures’ weekly video game releases!

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