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Weekly Video Game Releases: July 19th to 23rd

It’s time for another edition of Console Creatures’ weekly recap of video game releases, where we list all the games – be they big or small – that came out during this past week in July 2022.

Not just full video game releases, but any demos, DLC, expansions and really anything else that’s worth noting.

This list was originally produced for a video game releases podcast segment on the Canadian Geekcast, which is a three-person geek-related podcast that dives into the realms of movies, TV, video games, tech and whatever else that tickles the hosts’ fancy.

Below are the confirmed North American video game releases that came out from July 19th through the 23rd for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series & Switch. Let’s dive in.

July 19th

STRAY (PC, PS4 & PS5) – Our Review
As Dusk Falls (PC, Xbox One & Xbox Series) – Game Pass
Gloom and Doom (Xbox One, Xbox Series & Switch)
Mari and Bayu: The Road Home (PC)
Coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One & Switch:
Endling: Extinction is Forever
Hazel Sky
Switch Only:
Redout 2
Fallen Angel
House Builder

July 20th

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance II (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series & Switch)
Seduction: A Monk’s Fate (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series & Switch)
Coming to PS4 & PS5:
Severed Steel
DreadOut 2
PC Only:
Bail or Jail

July 21st

Hell Pie (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series)
Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium (PC, PS4, Xbox One & Switch)
River City Saga: Three Kingdoms (PC, PS4 & Switch)
Bricky To Me (PS4, Xbox One & Switch)
Bright Memory: Infinite (PS5, Xbox Series & Switch)
Severed Steel (Xbox One, Xbox Series & Switch)
Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp (PC & PS4)
Arcade Archives: Chack’n Pop (PS4 & Switch)
Aery – Vikings (Xbox One & Switch)
Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again x2 (Xbox One)
PC Only:
Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Remastered
Moss: Book 2 (VR)
The Sunny Life
Ex-Zodiac (Early Access)
Justice.exe (Early Access)
Deer Journey
Switch Only:
Severed Steel
Am I Kind Hearted?
Farm Manager 2022
Japanese Escape Games The Hotel of Tricks
Solitaire Collection

July 22nd

Aery – Vikings (PC & PS4)
Hostlight (PC)
Switch Only:
Under the Jolly Roger Complete Edition
Moonrise Fall
Sakura Fantasy
Inertia: Redux
Dungeon Slime Collection
Hover Racer

July 23rd

Raubritter (Early Access)

Other Video Game Releases

July 20th – Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin: Trials of the Dragon King (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series)
July 19th – Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels (PC, Xbox One & Xbox Series) – Game Pass

That’s all the confirmed North American video game releases for July 19th through the 23rd.

The video game releases highlights for next week include MultiVersus Open Beta (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series), Digimon Survive (PC, PS4, Xbox One & Switch), Bear & Breakfast (PC & Switch) & Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Switch).

This has been Console Creatures’ weekly video game releases!

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