Video Game Fables

Video Game Fables Nightmare Arena Content Arrives Next Week

It’s not too often you see hidden gem indie titles get a boost from DLC. We reviewed Video Game Fables recently, and thoroughly enjoyed it! With a fantastic art style and overall welcoming feel, the game is a great stand-alone title, but here come Momiji Studios with a new twist on the turn-based RPG.

Nightmare Arena has Aru, Nate, and Tator swept into a dimension of… you guessed it, nightmares. The Arena is run by the Scream Screen and The Concierge. Who they are and exactly what they do remains to be seen, but if the humour and fun of the base game are any indications, we’re in for a treat.

The arena aspect of the game will have the team climbing ranks of enemies that were seen in Video Game Fables but as “twisted nightmare versions.” In the base game I personally never felt like the enemies were repetitive, or boring, so seeing that there will be more of these to fight, could be a great time! Players will also be able to unlock summoning skills for their party and bring them into their story playthrough.

Developer Matt Sharp writes that along with DLC Nightmare ArenaVideo Game Fables will also be getting a cool update, as players can now collect stickers as they progress through the game. A fun collectible option for completionists, and one that will be added even if you don’t purchase the new content.

Nightmare Arena hits Steam on October 25th, just in time for Video Game Fables to also be on sale from October 24th to November 1st.