VICE NDRCVR Wants You To Hack Like You Belong In The 80s

There’s been a distinct lack of Miami Vice-based video game content recently. 

Perhaps things like Rockstar’s less-than-rock-steady HD remaster of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and the frankly ugly Miami-adjacent world of Need For Speed: Heat have soured the neo-soaked crime content for us.

But Ancient Machine Studios and Skybound Games are here to change that with VICE NDRCVR — an interactive narco thriller story set in the heyday of the Florida metropolis’s drug trade.

You play as an undercover detective, working as a computer operator to bust cartels through a thrilling adventure that takes place on a delightfully antiquated computer running Amigo OS — which is a play on the kitschy computer ecosystems of the mid-1980s but heavily inspired by the AmigaOS platform found on the Amiga family of computers.

But impersonating a computer operator is full of risks. The cartel’s building is rife with hitmen and dirty cops who would love nothing more than to put a stop to an undercover agent, so players must always be vigilant and observe their surroundings as they comb through the intricate [and dated] system, reviewing camera footage, and monitoring nearby activity to ensure their safety.

Featuring 1980s-inspired animated cutscenes, retro-style news reports, and an instantly catchy synth-wave soundtrack, it appears we are in for the complete Miami Vice immersion package as we do all we can to balance while walking the thin line between being a cop and being a criminal.

VICE NDRCVR is not yet rated or scheduled for release. But you can Wishlist it and find more information now.