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Vicarious Visions is Dead – Long Live Vicarious Visions!

According to Polygon’s Nicole Carpenter, workers from Vicarious Visions were told on Wednesday that the studio would be folded into Activision, losing its name as part of the process. The studio, which has been around since 1991, would be no more.

Indeed, Blizzard names pretty much every studio after the city it’s located in, meaning that Vicarious Visions would probably be named Blizzard Albany. Knowing that this studio behind Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 and the recently released Diablo 2: Resurrected would officially merge with Blizzard Entertainment in January, the studio’s primary focus would now shift to “long-term support” of Blizzard games.

Of course, this is not quite a surprise since being merged is meant so the studio could be fully dedicated to existing Blizzard games and initiatives. Former Vicarious Visions studio head Jen Oneal was named a co-president of Blizzard Entertainment in August, while during the merging process she was an executive vice president of development at Blizzard Entertainment.

According to Polygon, it seems as well that most employees weren’t surprised about the announcement but, still, at least one worker was disappointed by the lack of transparency and a sudden announcement during this “costume day” meeting.

No layoffs were currently planned and staffers didn’t expect much to change otherwise, but some noted that there were still a lot of unanswered questions.

That said, I couldn’t care less about Activision Blizzard rebranding and would maybe consider about more important things to be worrying about right now like the harassment issues that Blizzard is going through right now.