Veiled Experts Is Coming To Steam May 18th

Nexon Games has announced that their 5v5 tactical shooter Veiled Experts will be available via Early Access on Steam for PC starting May 18 at 11 AM ET.

For this final period of development, Nexon Games has listened to feedback from the game’s Final Beta Test and has implemented many new quality-of-life updates and support for controllers. And they will continue to be implementing more updates before the game’s full launch, expected later this year. For players who participated in the Final Beta Test, usernames and event rewards obtained will be saved, but all other information will be reset.

In Veiled Experts, players jump into the boots, sneakers, and heels of a group of multinational agents and combat experts engaged in a worldwide conflict between governments, corporations, and terrorists to take hold of an advanced microchip known as the Lepton System. This groundbreaking technology threatens to throw off the world’s balance of power. With a combination of ten diverse agents, each with a unique blend of skills and Lepton abilities, teams must strategize and survive through an onslaught of opposing enemy forces. Multiple game modes offer varied combat scenarios and objectives; these include Bomb Defusal, Team Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch vs AI modes.