Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt Development Is Shutting Down After A Year In Early Access

Servers will remain online "for as long as we have an active player base and community"

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt developer, Sharkmob has announced in a blog post that it is shutting down the development of its free-to-play battle royale live service game starting today.

“Ever since launch, we have been on a journey to excite and delight our players, however, while we have an amazing and very engaged community, we haven’t been able to reach the critical mass needed to sustain development. This has led us to the decision to stop further development of Bloodhunt,” Sharkmob said in a post on the game’s website.

However, the game studio does add that the game isn’t shutting down the game and will remain playable on PC and PS5 as the game’s servers will remain online “for as long as we have an active player base and community.” As a part of the game’s final update, the team is adding an in-game voting system for unlocking new features which is set to “ensure that the game continues to be interesting.” Additionally, one feature shutting down in late September is the option for players to purchase premium tokens starting late September but to make up for that removal, the developer is planning to make it easier to unlock new cosmetics.

The news follows a series of similar liver service game shutdowns including Knockout City, Rumbleverse, and Babylon’s Fall. However,  The Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt is at least remaining playable and its “shutdown” is more comparable to Marvel’s Avengers which will remain playable even after support development of the title is set to conclude this coming September 30th.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt was first released in early access on PC and PS5 consoles on April 27th, 2022 which is currently available to play.