Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors Update 1.8 Brings New “Adventures” Mode

Poncle wants to ensure its smash-hit simplistic bullet storm game Vampire Survivors keeps its bite!

That’s why the developer has announced that while “Update 1.8” may not yet bring the titular vampire, it will bring this rare video game feature known as “Story Mode.”

Titled “Adventures,” this new story mode remixes past game content, adding plenty of free and paid side quests and lore!

Players who have been on the hunt for a while will not lose their upgrades, and there will be new weapons, characters, and items galore!

With “Update 1.8,” players can dive into a handful of Adventures, two for the base game and one Legacy of the Moonspell Adventure for owners of the DLC.

“We are having a lot of fun making Vampire Survivors bigger and adding content,” says poncle Lead Luca Galante. “But with Adventures, we wanted to add something a little different that players at all levels can engage with, from newcomers to veteran garlic enjoyers. We hope the fans love this new way to play Vampire Survivors and the extremely deep lore drops that come with it!”

There’s no launch date for this update yet. But expect to hear more soon!