Valve Steam Deck

Steam Deck Launches February 25

Valve has confirmed the first batch of Steam Deck pre-orders will go out beginning on February 25 at 1:00 PM ET with reservation orders being processed in sequential order.

Customers will have three days from the receipt of their order email to check out their console. Those who miss the 72-hour window will have their reservation released to the next person in the queue. From there, the first units will begin shipping out on February 28 with weekly email batches going out to customers.

It should be noted that you can only purchase the Steam Deck model you originally reserved with your deposit going serving as a downpayment that also covers shipping costs.

Valve says that press units will also begin going out shortly with embargo coverage lifting on February 25, with selected outlets having previews prior to that chosen date.

I’m excited to see things begin to move, I’ve been building my library over the last several months so I can have things ready to download once my Steam Deck arrives. Recently, we’ve learned of the new Steam Deck Verified program that details which games are compatible with the console and this week Valve detailed Dynamic Cloud Sync, a new tool for publishers to use to make moving between PC and Steam Deck seamless.