Xbox Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Xbox Lover In Your Life

Look, let’s be real with one another, we gamers can be the type of people that want lots in this world. It can also be hard for those we love who aren’t gamers to keep up with those wants.

For an industry that sees over 3 billion people playing video games each day, we’re also seeing the younger generations using their hobby as a way to socialize with more than 70 percent of Gen Z using online video games to meet people.

Which is why Xbox is coming to the rescue! Here’s a list of Xbox wants and needs that are sure to please the Xbox gamer of your affection.

Xbox Series S

If they aren’t in the Xbox ecosystem yet, and if they’ve been really nice to you all year, I suppose it’s best to start some next-level, next-gen speed and performance. The Xbox Series S is a great way to get them started!

This is the best entry into the Xbox ecosystem and it begins at $379.

Xbox Design Lab

If you are planning on going the whole 10 yards, or you’re just looking for something a little more personal, why not get them a customized controller with their favourite colours and a personalized Gamertag? It’s something that’s just for them!

Controllers begin at $84.99.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 

If you want to score a full touchdown this Valentine’s or do something that is both nice and cost-effective, consider one of the many options for an Xbox Game Pass subscription like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Xbox Game Pass is a great choice because it offers the gamer in your life a wealth of titles, and you can choose how many months to pay for. It is also a foolproof gift because even if they already have a subscription, a few months or a year free is something they won’t have to pay for. Why not give them a nice break?

One title that you and your partner will want to check out via Game Pass is It Takes Two from Hazelight Studios. While it has both split-screen cooperative gameplay and online multiplayer, you’ll want to ask your partner to sit down with you and work together.

I personally like cars, so one of the ways to my heart is through games like Forza Horizon 5, a title that puts you in the heart of Mexico and unleashes some of the world’s fastest cars. It”s a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy speed without any of the real dangers of driving at 300km/h.