Using Dreams, Iron Man Faces Off Against Captain America

Early access for Dreams launched on April 16 for PlayStation 4 users who wanted to get a start on creating to their heart’s content! In the weeks since launch, enough time has passed for players to start showing off what their working on. This fight, from user Tamir Williams, is from 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, where Captain America and Bucky face off against Tony Stark in the climactic battle.

Tamir mentioned that while this took him 12 hours to animate, he also used assets from other players, like Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s suit for his video. My biggest takeaway is the Media Molecule is known for its excellent sharing and modding tools, Little Big Planet being the prime example.

With more time and continued support for Dreams, I’m excited. Excited about the new games being created, new levels, new cutscenes being animated and all the in-between that I’ve only barely scratched the surface on with my hands-on demo last year.