Use Your Coins! Nintendo is Discontinuing Club Nintendo


In a recent press release Nintendo announced their plans to discontinue the Club Nintendo program later this year. The Club Nintendo program is a loyalty program for Nintendo fans that is based on registering consoles & games from Nintendo and getting rewarded with coins. The coins allow Club Nintendo members to select from a catalog of downloadable games for the 3DS and Wii U; as well as earn different member status based on the accumulation of coins for each year. The program first started 6 years ago and had changes over time. For example, originally members were able to either download games or use their coins to purchase exclusive items from the Club Nintendo site, like plush toys. However due to high demand and constant ‘out of stock’ notices  for such items they discontinued the service.


Nintendo is promising a new loyalty program to be announced at a “later date”, but until then advising all members that all coins will be deleted when all Club Nintendo accounts automatically close July 1, 2015 and won’t be transferred to the new loyalty program. Nintendo is looking to give their fans the best opportunity to use their coins, by adding dozens of games in the Club Nintendo catalog in February. Also all members will get a free downloadable code for Flipnote Studio 3D in February.


If you had plans to register Majora’s Mask or the New 3DS, well think again because products released after January 20, 2015 will not be eligible to register with Club Nintendo. The good news is if you have unregistered games sitting at home that were released before January 20, 2015; then you can register those products by March 31,2015. Most importantly make sure you use your coins by June 30th 11:59pm PT or you can say goodbye to them. As for Elite status, the timeline to earn Elite Status is shortened. Elite status must be earned by earning 300 coins (Gold status) or 600 coins (Platinum status) between July 1, 2014-March 31, 2015. The free Elite status gift will be available between April 1st- April 301th, 2015.

If you have anymore questions about the Club Nintendo discontinuation please make sure to visit Nintendo’s FAQ page.



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