Updates And Savings Have Come To GTA Online

GTA Online has been hit by a wave of updates as well as savings in celebration of Black Friday. First up is the brand new FH-1 Hunter. This intense beast offers a cacophony of exploding aircraft and homing missiles whizzing through the sky.

Next, we have the Transform Races. There are a whopping 16 new races in the Transform series and from now until November 27th you can earn double GTA$ and RP from any of the Transform races!

Lastly, we have the savings! Starting today and extending until Monday, November 27th, retailers in Los Santos are getting in on the Black Friday fun and offering discounts of 50%-75% off a whole whack of in-game items. Not only that but over on the Rockstar Warehouse store you can find discounts of 40% off select games and ALL gear and collectibles. Also, receive a bonus of $1.25 Million of in-game currency when you purchase GTAV on PS4, Xbox One, or PC.