Up Your Love Game With Trojan And Console Creatures


With a little over two weeks to go until Valentine’s Day, we want to help this year get our readers into shape, not physically, no. There isn’t enough time to get you in Mr. Olympia shape, but, we have got some excellent tips from TrojanTM.

Here is a fun and surprising fact: a survey was conducted by asking the girlfriends of gamers how often they engaged in sex with their partners. The answer – often! A total of 2,357 women were asked to put their partner into one of these categories: gym-goer, gamer, rocker, dad, hipster, nerdy, and trend-setter. From there they needed to be honest about how often, as a couple, they would have sex, with gamers coming up 6 times a week!

That’s double the average in most places, and to make gamers look even better, those who gamed were far more selfless in bed, with a whopping 59% put their girlfriends’ needs first.

There are horrible stereotypes about gamers which are slowly going away, something I’m thankful for itself, as there has always been stigmata against gamers.

TrojanTM sees this and is being proactive about it, so we’ve decided to team up with Trojan who wants to do away with spending absurd amounts of money on Valentine’s Day and keep it real with your loved one. This year, we’re telling you to keep it simple with your partner, a home-made dinner with a gift you made perhaps, and then end the night with TrojanTM BareSkinTM Condoms and Lubricant, what better to say I love you than getting BareSkinTM Close?

We have a tip sheet that will help you in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. While you don’t have to follow our advice, we have some great tips from Canada’s premier condom maker, so they know a thing or two about the subject.

Trojan Pause the Game

Recharge your Batteries!

We have a newfound title to uphold, being generous lovers and all, so to keep that title we need to make sure our batteries get recharged! Sex is not only fun, it’s an energy booster, too! After a session with your partner, you’ll feel like you were struck with a ton of energy and be energized to continue.

Level up with Lube!

You can always preheat the oven to get things started, but lube makes things better for both of you. Don’t be afraid of using lube, it helps reduce friction, is gentle on skin and can enhance your pleasure zones.

This is a two-player game:

The best thing you can do with your partner is to be open and honest about what you like. They won’t know what gets you going, so communicate that to them for your benefit and their own. This is my most important tip, too and can’t stress this enough.

Push the right buttons!

This leads back into the tip above, but also, don’t be afraid to explore your own body and find exactly what works the best for you. Both the physical and emotional needs of sex can be replaced today, most of it solo, that’s not the point of this tip sheet, it’s to bring two people closer in their mutual attraction to the other. Don’t be afraid to experiment with each other, it’s half of the fun of having a partner, after all!

Lag is good in this game:

Guys, this one is for you, because I know getting to the fun stuff is usually what we want, but, it’s not how women work. You don’t just jump in your car in the winter and drive – you start the car and warm her up before putting it into drive. The same can be said for your partner, women aren’t as easy to start as a man is, and it’ll make them love you even more as thbuild-up as exciting as the climax.

Expand your game collection!

It’s 2018, we have an abundance of toys for him and for her, don’t feel like sex is a chore, it isn’t. It’s a new playground full of exciting ways to play with each other.

Protect your Joystick:

Every controller I own has rubber on it, to protect and ensure longevity. Your other joystick is no different, and with TrojanTM BareSkinTM Condoms, you’re protected! The BareSkinTM condoms are 40% thinner than the standard TrojanTM Condoms, leaving you feeling much more natural. There isn’t any other condom out there that gets you this close. Be safe, and wrap it up. You and your partner will thank each other later.

To help you get “BareSkin Close,”TrojanTM is giving away a box filled with BareSkinTM product and a $100 gift card to help you make this Valentine’s Day extra special, what you have to do is tell us how you’ll be getting “BareSkin Close” this VDay, using #BareskinClose!

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