Unsighted Launches Later This Month

Humble Games and Studio Pixel Punkare working on Unsighted and if you’re like me, you are weeping at how big your backlog has gotten with so many wonderful titles being available today. This Fall has been packed with new releases and September continues to be a busy month for publishers and players alike.

There’s a demo available starting today, giving players an early look into the world of Unsighted. Players explore an interconnected world packed with secrets and shortcuts and puzzles that need solving. Your goal is to unlock the memories of Alma and do it before time runs out. With few humans left and more androids out in the wild than anything else, you’ll need to find more Anime —the energy that gives androids their consciousness.

I’m diving into the demo on Steam but if you’re too busy with another release, know that Unsighted will be on Xbox Game Pass on Day one when it launches on September 30, 2021, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC.