We have the pleasure of unveiling a unique photo session associated with the latest Ubisoft game – Watch_Dogs. The main character of the photo session is Aiden Pearce, played by a model Iga Górecka.

In Watch_Dogs players get to modern Chicago, where the protagonist’s hacking skills are his greatest weapon. Gram.pl takes the game’s world directly to the streets of Warsaw. The main character is a former criminal known as Aiden Pearce, an expert on hacking into electronic systems. Thanks to his skills, he is able to steal money from bank accounts, break into modern buildings, or connect to the city monitoring just by using his smartphone.

When creating the Watch Dogs photo session, the Gram.pl company has changed the gender of the main character, which is why the photos feature our model, Iga Górecka. In order to preserve the game’s atmosphere, the model is wearing an outfit inspired by the costume of Aiden Pearce, also carrying the hacker’s smartphone and a gun.



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