Unidentified Falling Objects UFO

Play Unidentified Falling Objects, Gearbox’s New Puzzle-Platformer As Part Of Steam Next Fest

Gearbox is showing up to Steam Next Fest with a playable demo of their Tetris-meets-third-person-shooter title Unidentified Falling Objects.

In this out-of-this-world game, you play a cute little cosmonaut plopped onto a Tetris-like gameboard.

Using platforming tactics and unique weapons, you take on the challenges offered by a single-player campaign or online against 19 other players in a last-player-standing showdown.

“Why swap and match different coloured blocks when you can kick and blow them away with weapons,” says Andrew Morrish, developer of UFO. “Combining a puzzle game with platforming gameplay brings an added dimension of urgency and personality that you don’t get by moving just moving a cursor around the play field.”

Unidentified Falling Objects releases for Steam and the Nintendo Switch eShop on July 19, 2023.