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The Unexpected Benefits Of Being A Gamer

Gaming is fun and great for killing a few hours when you’re bored, but did you realize there are actually some fantastic benefits to your hobby? Gamers can get a bad rep for being lazy or couch potatoes, but actually, there are plenty of great things about it too. Here are just a few that you may not have considered!xboxcontroller 3


Gaming Can Help You To Be More Social

We all lead busy lifestyles, and most of us don’t connect with our loved ones as much as we’d like. However gaming brings people together, and if you and your friends share this interest, it’s a great way to keep connections close. Most guys won’t sit on the phone and chat to their friends for the sake of it, but chatting through the headset while playing a game is another matter entirely. You can have a laugh, and get that communication that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. If you really want to have some fun and give yourself a cheeky advantage, cheats like will have people scratching their head and wondering how you got so good! Visiting friends in person and playing games is another way to get together, plus there are often events and conventions where you can meet those who share your passion.

Gaming Can Help To Keep You Active

Being a gamer doesn’t have to mean being a couch potato! Just about every gaming system from Playstation to Xbox to Nintendo to PC have released some kind of dance or fitness game where you get up and move your body. These kinds of games are great for kids and are a good laugh to get out at parties too. Plus they’re fun to have a go on every now and again. It will get your heart rate up and are a bit of a change from other kinds of games.

Gaming Can Ease Pain

Sufferers of chronic pain have reported that having something to focus on takes their mind off their condition and can be an effective way to manage pain. Practices like meditation are often mentioned, and as great as it is, there’s only so long you can clear and focus your mind before that pain comes creeping back in. Computer games can be one such distraction. They’re fun, engaging and when you’re focused on playing your brain isn’t thinking about much else. Whether you have a short-term injury or deal with pain on a regular basis, it’s something that’s worth trying.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing computer games allows you to improve your reflexes, hand-eye coordination and can fine tune some of your motor skills. This is a huge advantage since these are skills that can transfer to other areas of your life. You have fun in the process so won’t realize you’re improving these skills but after a while will notice a definite improvement.

Did you realize gaming could be having a number of positive benefits on your life?