Under The Wave

Under The Waves Announced, From Parallel Studio And Quantic Dream

Parallel Studio and Quantic Dream show off their upcoming narrative-driven adventure game Under The Waves.

As part of the opening night of Gamescom, they gave us a quick minute-long look at player character Stan’s struggle with grief, seemingly at the loss of his daughter. 

The trailer does an incredible job of using deep-sea imagery to convey the feeling of sinking into isolation due to sadness. The devs are promising an immersive adventure where Stan pilots his sub and attempts to dive to caves, wrecks and submerged plants in search of backstory pieces, salvageable waste, collectibles, and more. 

Not unlike the process of getting over grief requires tools, the tools you find in-game will help you progress and explore more of the depths.

Under The Waves does not yet have a release date. But you can add it to your Steam Wishlist now.