The PC Version of Uncharted: Legacy Thieves Collection Might be Releasing on October 19th

According to Now Removed Epic Games Store Page

We got a quick look at when exactly Uncharted: Legacy Thieves Collection will be hitting PC storefronts and it’s not too long of a wait, the collection which was released on PS5 consoles back in January and is seemingly slated for a Wednesday release on October 19th. This time around the game’s release date isn’t coming from just one source as the October 19th release date lines up with Steamdb’s updated launch date of the game.

The PC release date hasn’t officially been announced by PlayStation, as we learned about the news in a now removed store page on the Epic Games Store after it was reported on other sites but once it’s on the internet it never truly goes away, a quick screenshot of the game’s date and description was taken by Wario64.

That’s not all as the description also lists a pre-order bonus that Fortnite players might be interested in, players who pre-purchase the collection before a placeholder September date will be able to get Sully’s “New” Seaplane Glider with immediate access after putting your order in. If Fortnite players want to play the waiting game, the gilder will available in the Fortnite item shop later on November 17th according to the leaked description.

Uncharted: Legacy Thieves Collection comes with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, two of the later Uncharted games originally developed for PS4 consoles which have been remastered for PS5 and soon PC players. Uncharted: Legacy Thieves Collection is currently available on PS5, as for the PC version as far as the official release – the collection is currently slated to release on Steam and The Epic Game Store sometime in 2022. Maybe it’s coming in October but who can really say… PlayStation probably.