Uncharted 4’s Maps And Modes Will Be Free


When you purchase Uncharted 4, you’ll be getting a complete game. What does that mean? Well, you’ll get the full story campaign, a multiplayer mode, and when the time comes, new maps and modes free of charge to you. I find this to be good business practice, enticing players to invest their money and be rewarded for their choice.

Naughty Dog’s lead game designer, Robert Cogburn, took to the PlayStation Blog to speak about the multiplayer mode and what we could expect from the developer post-release of Uncharted 4.

Right off the bat, we want to highlight that all future maps and modes will be included with Uncharted 4 at no additional cost, and all vanity and gameplay in-game store items will be unlockable through gameplay!

This means that the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer community won’t be fragmented by different types of DLC, and that those who are loyal in participating in the community will be rewarded. Our DLC release approach will represent an entirely new direction for Naughty Dog, and we are confident it will have a hugely positive impact and keep the Uncharted 4 Multiplayer community thriving.

There’s a roadmap below of what to expect and when content will launch for Uncharted 4. Check out the full post here.