[Unboxing Video] MobileLite Wireless G2


Stay Mobile- And Connected.

We unbox the MobileLite Wireless G2.

Extend mobile storage and stay connected with Kingston’s MobileLite  Wireless G2.
The average smartphone has only 70 percent of its capacity available for  storage and many tablets don’t include ports — which makes them come up  short on storage. MobileLite Wireless G2 adds storage while freeing up your  mobile device by letting you offload content to a Flash card or USB drive.
MobileLite Wireless G2 creates its own Wi-Fi signal and lets users post photos  and videos to social media and stream different content to multiple devices  at once. Millions of photos are uploaded to Facebook every day, and users  are trying to manage an ever-increasing amount of content. With MobileLite
Wireless, users can share files quickly and easily via Wi-Fi, stream several  movies to different devices simultaneously, and post pictures and videos  for friends and family while freeing up space for content-heavy applications  such as email and games.
MobileLite Wireless G2 is also a charger that lets you charge your smartphone  up to 2x from a full battery to increase your mobility. With limited battery  life on many phones and new operating systems draining batteries, it’s  important to be able to give power to your phone at a critical moment — or  to simply keep the kids entertained on long trips.
Stay constantly connected with MobileLite Wireless. It functions as a portable  router with a built-in Ethernet port for broadband Internet on the go.
MobileLite Wireless G2 can also bridge to other Wi-Fi Internet connections  when direct connection isn’t an option.
MobileLite Wireless is backed by a two-year warranty, free technical support  and legendary Kingston  reliability.


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