Umurangi Generation Lands on Switch June 5

Umurangi Generation

If New Pokemon Snap isn’t cutting it for you, then perhaps you may find Umurangi Generation to be a suitable title that may grab your interest. It’s got the same style of gameplay — taking photographs and was recently shortlisted as an IGF Finalist.

I’ve been playing Umurangi Generation on PC and this indie game has stuck with me for the last few months. It’s a first-person photography game but it’s set in a post-apocalyptic world in which you’re asked to take pictures for the Tauranga Express. you’re graded on the photo’s composure, content and colours which then give you a cash payout. It starts off simple enough but then you’re given greater control and better lenses and taking harder compositions.

Each level offers a high level of replayability and with each level offering a set of tasks to complete in a semi-open world instead of the on-rails style photography of New Pokemon Snap. The level of freedom you have when taking images is a crucial part of gameplay and it’s easily one of my favourite bits of Umurangi Generation and it’s also one of the most intimate ways of learning about this world you’re photographing, offering hints at the fallout of the events leading up to the world you see in front of you.

Umurangi Generation launches June 5 on Nintendo Switch.


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