Ultros Shows Off Gameplay In First Look Trailer

It’s time to go on a trip in Ultros as Sweden-based developer Hadoque has released the gameplay of its upcoming game in a more in-depth PlayStation Blog post.

For those needing a refresher, Ultros was revealed in May and is a Metroidvania (more emphasis on Metroid this time around) where the game’s female protagonist, Ouji, wakes up somewhere unknown after crashing his ship. The not best part is that Ouji has no idea where or who she is.

The place in question is the Sarcophagus, a giant, space-drifting, cosmic uterus holding an ancient demonic being known as the titular Ultros, which Ouji feels like she has some connection to. Like any game in this genre, it’s time to pick up and explore this Metroidvania map while finding secret areas as you do. As you start, you run into the game’s enemies, insect-like aliens and are part of Sarcophagus’ ecosystem.

“When you defeat them with your sword, they drop body parts or different organs. Ultros has a reward system for finishing off enemies with finesse – the more variety in my attacks, the better the creature parts. As you collect these, you’ll enter a more detailed inspection view of the parts, accompanied by a bit of lore behind the part of the creature. You can then consume these parts to increase your variation nutrition levels,” Ultros design director Mårten Brüggemann writes in a PlayStation Blog Post.

As you go through the game, you run into your first rest area, which reveals how to unlock new abilities in the Cartex, which is Ultros‘ version of a skill tree. That’s not the only way to unlock the game’s new mechanics, as Ouji will collect extractors in the other half of the game, giving you access to other new abilities, including double jump and much more. There are a ton of not just enemies but bosses you’ll encounter throughout the game.

Ultros is set to launch on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), PS4, and PS5 consoles in 2024, If interested, you can wishlist the game on all platforms.