EA Sports UFC 5

UFC 5 Steps Into The PS5 and Xbox Series Octagon In October

New reveal trailer shows the bloody action

EA Sports have revealed their next iteration of UFC games in UFC 5. Using EA’s Frostbite engine, they say the game will be the closest the franchise has ever been to reality. That includes dozens of more ways to knock down and knock out your opponent and leave them bloodied and bruised.

The in-engine footage looks sharp, and the fluid movements are impressive, but we don’t have a gameplay trailer yet. Thankfully, for those like myself who are curious about the game in action, a gameplay video will be “coming soon.”

UFC 5 will also run at 60fps, a jump from the previous games locked in at 30fps. This title will be exclusive to the PS5 and Xbox Series of consoles, allowing the developers to focus on features like this.

Many fans of the UFC likely noticed that the games tip-toed around a more bloody and brutal approach, taking in a T rating. EA has let loose, and the latest game will now be M-rated. Why is this such a big deal? Well, it allows them to create even more impactful violence in the octagon.

EA says UFC 5 will feature about 64,000 ways to injure and strike your opponent. This includes eight ways to make your foe bleed from their head alone. The sport’s brutality is front and centre, and realism is the game’s name, but there will be some fractures and breaks that will not be included due to their intensity and complexity.

We haven’t seen the gameplay yet, but a revamped Career Mode is on the way and will have an offline and online option. It’s unclear if any online features will be linked to an NHL or EA Sports FC card-based system like HUT.

EA Sports UFC 5 will be released on PC, Xbox Series, and PS5 on October 27th. Pre-orders are open, and anyone who grabs it will get access to Fedor Emelianenko, Mike Tyson, and… legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.