Ubisoft’s Developed An Overworked And Underpaid AI To Write Dialogue

Not to be confused with the 1990s PBS kid’s show Ghostwriter, Ubisoft Ghostwriter is an AI tool that was developed to make in-game chatter.

Developed at Ubisoft La Forge, the research and development firm at Ubisoft and it was supposedly developed to take a lot of the busy work from the writers.

Ubisoft’s official description says:

“Introducing Ubisoft Ghostwriter, an AI tool developed in-house that aims to support our scriptwriters by generating the first draft of our NPC barks – the phrases or sounds made by NPCs when players interact with the game world.

This tool was created hand-in-hand with scriptwriters to create more realistic NPC interactions by generating variations on a piece of dialogue See how our teams will use AI to handle repetitive tasks, and free up time to work on other core game elements.”

The tool is meant to handle repetitive tasks and support scriptwriters and while it is being shown in marketing as an AI, this is a program that I’d say is closer associated with machine learning. While AI and machine learning are similar, they aren’t the same. AI is meant to act like a human whereas machine learning is able to extract knowledge and apply it autonomously.

Santa Monica Studio’s Cory Barlog doesn’t seem impressed by Ghostwriter and I’m certain we’ll see more reactions online in the coming days. For now, I’m curious to see and learn more about this project and if it will be a useful tool to the teams over at Ubisoft.

In November, Ubisoft announced a collaboration with Riot Games under Zero Harm in Comms initiative.

The goal is to create a shared database of anonymized data used to train Ubisoft and Riot’s systems to detect and mitigate disruptive behaviour. The idea to help improve the AI prediction and learning systems when dealing with harm came from conversations between the Executive Director for Ubisoft’s La Forge R&D Department, Yves Jacquier, and Riot’s Games’ Head of Tech Research Wesley Kerr.