Ubisoft Reveals A New Logo

Today Ubisoft’s official twitter surprised everyone by unveiling their new logo. The early morning tweet had a GIF of the new logo with changing backgrounds and the caption “Introducing the new Ubisoft Swirl” accompanying it. Also included was a link to their blog that explains the reason behind the change and a quick overview of the evolution of the Ubisoft logo.

The post explains that “The new swirl is an evolution of our existing logo that marks a new era for Ubisoft, one with increased focus on live and digital games, as well as player-centric approach to creating immersive worlds”.

Since the studio’s establishment 30 years ago in 1986 the logo has changed four times. The previous blue swirl logo was the face of the company for 14 years. You can read the AAA studio’s full blog post to see some of Ubisoft’s older logos here.