Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft Montreal Outlines Year 5 and Year 6 Updates for Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft Montreal has revealed its roadmap for Rainbow Six Siege. In a surprising turn, Ubisoft has not only revealed its plans for Year 5 but Year 6 as well. Operation Void Edge will be the first major stop on the roadmap through Year 5, but the studio has already begun laying the foundation of what players can expect in the following year.

As with every new year of Rainbow Six Siege, new Operators, gameplay reworks, events and Battle Pass updates will all play major components. With the new consoles set to release this holiday, Ubisoft is determined to continue supporting the game for future consoles and is planning to release Rainbow Six Siege on Google Stadia in the future.

Year 5


While still determined to hit the 100 Operator roster, Ubisoft Montreal will continue releasing two new Operators during the first two seasons in Year 5. The first, being Iana and Oryx during Operation Void Edge. Ubisoft Montreal has said that Year 5 will be a transition year for Rainbow Six Siege. Alongside the two new Operators, Season One and Season Two of Year 5 will also continue to rework current maps, the first being Oregon with a rework of House following in Season Two.

Additionally, each season will introduce a new Arcade Playlists. The first, which was teased by Ubisoft Montreal is Golden Gun. This event, which will launch in Season One of Year 5, will see each player equipped with a one shot-one kill gold Desert Eagle. Like previous event games, Golden Gun will dynamically change the pacing and gameplay experience.

Once hitting Season Three, the Operator output will be split in half. Only one Operator will be released each season moving forward and a “classified” Operator will be taking the spot in season three. Reworks for Skyscraper and Chalet will also be conducted during the latter half of Year 5. Season three onward will begin to introduce core tweaks and reworks to increase player communications and refine the gameplay.

Ubisoft Montreal will be updating the ping system to be more akin to that of Apex Legends’ pinging system. New gadgets will be continuously tested and released for all Operators throughout Year 5 and 6. Plus, map bans will be introduced, allowing players to control which map they play on. One of the largest additions is the Reputation System. This will give players a transparent look at the reputation of each player. Rewards can be earned by being a positive force online, while toxicity will result in becoming sanctioned.

Ubisoft Montreal is planning a full overhaul on Tachanka, something many players have been yearning for over the years. Tachanka is the most deserving Operator to receive an overhaul. Our favourite underdog will now carry his RP-46 LMG in his hand, no longer being tied down to his mount. In addition, Tachanka will join fellow firestarters Capitão and Goyo with a fire grenade launcher. This overhaul is welcomed and increases Tachanka’s mobility on the battlefield.

Year 6


Ubisoft Montreal has been a little vague on what’s in store for Year 6. However, it will continue to follow the structure of the second half of Year 5 and introduce one new Operator each season. There will also be plenty of free content available for all players including a new map, a limited-time event, along with major core gameplay updates. As with Year 5, Year 6 will include a Battle Pass system for players to unlock rewards over the course of each season.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 5 will begin with Operation Void Edge. The testing server will go live on February 17th on PC.