Ubisoft Hits With A Round Of Layoffs

Ubisoft has laid off 98 people across the Canadian arm of offices in a “reorganization.” The move affects 26 people outside of Canada.

The round of layoffs is the latest in a disturbing trend across the industry, where publishers continue to post record profits but also unprecedented layoffs in all fields.

Ubisoft says that those affected are in the administrative, VFX, and IT fields within the company, including Hybride. This firm worked on shows such as The Mandalorian, Ahsoka, and more.

Ubisoft provided a statement regarding the layoffs to Kotaku:

“Ubisoft is proceeding with a collective dismissal in its Montreal establishment within the framework of a reorganization of its production support services across Canada, by consolidating these functions Canada wide, Ubisoft will be able to optimize its resources to be more sustainable in the long term,” the company wrote in a notice to the government of Quebec shared with Kotaku. Ubisoft added that some additional positions will be eliminated throughout the rest of its Canadian offices as well. 124 positions will be eliminated in total across the company.

“These are not decisions taken lightly and we are providing comprehensive support for our colleagues who will be leaving Ubisoft during this transition,” a spokesperson wrote in a statement to Kotaku. “We also want to share our utmost gratitude and respect for their many contributions to the company. This restructuring does not affect our production teams.”

Ubisoft Montreal currently employs well over 4000 people, and it is the launching pad for several franchises, including Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Rainbow Six Siege and several others. At the height of 2022, Ubisoft employed over 20,000 people until a series of layoffs hit the studio, with over 1000 people losing their jobs. Recent snags, including the continued delay of Skull and Bones and Beyond Good and Evil 2 being missing in action, have led to over 1,000 jobs being cut.