Ubisoft Gives Us New Levels Of Cosplay Greatness


Take control of your destiny and become the hero of your own life! Be one of the few who will have the privilege to wear certainly the greatest video game apparel replica ever produced: The Watch Dogs – Aiden Pearce Leather Jacket.


Xavier Szwengler, director at Ubi Workshop, explains how the jacket came to be.


« By creating this coat, we push our mission even further: offering a unique experience to our fans. We devoted an incredible amount of time and effort into the elaboration of each and every single detail and the choice of premium leather; all this to ensure that the final result would be a precise replica of the actual in-game coat. The most important thing for our team was to propose something unique.


The Ubi Workshop team devoted an incredible amount of time, effort and passion into the creation of a precise replica of the jacket worn by Aiden Pearce in Watch_Dogs; from each and every single detail to the choice of premium leather. The most important thing is to offer you a unique experience. As a proof of authenticity, every jacket owned by our fans will come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the Watch_Dogs’ production team and by the head of Ubi Workshop. Each jacket is numbered and therefore is part of a very limited series of one hundred units.

Priced at USD$1,199.99, the official Aiden Pearce leather jacket is available now exclusively on


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