Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft Created A Rainbow Six Siege North American League

It’s safe to say that after being out for nearly half a decade now, North Americans love Rainbow Six Siege — especially Canadians. After all, the game was developed in Montreal by Ubisoft, and it’s a game that, despite having international appeal, has become an esport unique to Canadian LAN events. So it’s exciting news that Ubisoft is moving forward starting in June with building a new North American league that will be divided into an American division, a Canadian division and a path-to-pro challenger series. If handled correctly, this is likely to mean that North America has just become a pillar region for the game’s professional scene.


Each region is set to consist of eight teams. With the American teams competing announced as follows below, and the Canadian teams to be announced shortly.

US Divison teams:

Spacestation Gaming


DarkZero Esports

Tempo Storm


Oxygen Esports

Disrupt Gaming

Susquehanna Soniqs

While we’re excited to see the high level of competition that is certain to come out of the US, we wanted to find out what this announcement will do for Canadian Rainbow Six Seige. So we reached out to a friend of the site, Adam Climan, who is Ubisoft’s esports communications manager.


Console Creatures: One thing that’s always been apparent in R6 events is the international comradery of the game. I look at countries like Brazil and the Netherlands, which have just massive pro and challenger scenes. Have you been studying those at all to help with this new NA league?

Adam Climan: We wanted to build a league that can enhance and grow the talent in both Canada and the USA. Looking at some best practices from around the world, coupled with a bold new direction and concept, we feel our new structure is truly a benefit to both players and fans alike!

Console Creatures: It feels like there has been a slow build-up to Canada getting its own Division. With the newly added support, how do you see the Canadian R6S scene changing moving forward?

Adam Climan: Our goal is to help Canadian players grow while giving them a chance to compete in the pro scene. Our new structure is designed to give Canadian talent a chance to earn their spot among some of the best teams in the world. We see nothing but potential and opportunity for our Canadian players.


Console Creatures: I guess a revamp to path-to-pro means that Ubi is renewing its commitment to allowing everyone and anyone their shot at going pro. It’s something that the R6 community has always been great at doing. So how is the revamp going to impact the culture of growth that’s already there?

Adam Climan: Regarding the Canada Division, we are giving Canadian players a chance to compete in a higher tier of play. We stand strong behind our Canadian community, and this revamp is evidence of exactly that. We are going to help foster growth and opportunity for Canadian teams.

Console Creatures: What do you think about Canadians participating in this league becoming superstars or celebrity players?

Adam Climan: We certainly hope to watch our great Canadian talent grow and succeed in the new North American league.


Console Creatures: With that newcomer mentality in mind, what are you hoping these challengers and teams can take away from their participation? What’s going to classify as being worthy take away from all this?

Adam Climan: We are hoping that our teams will advance and prove just how strong they are in R6S. Prizing aside, this will be their first chance to compete in the pro scene and be acknowledged as some of the best teams in Canada.

Console Creatures: To go back to being R6 being a game that transcends nationality, a lot of great Canadian players have moved to the US or abroad to continue their growth. Is there hope at all that this move will bring some of them home?

Adam Climan: We can’t speak to the personal motivations of others, but we believe the Canada Division can stand on its own two feet and is something our amazing community of players will aspire to, especially as our competition structure competes in lockstep with the US Division. We also want to ensure we honour the passion and commitment of our Canadian players and elevate their stories to a global level. By having this Canada Division, we hope we will be able to help foster further growth and create exceptional moments for Canadians.


Console Creatures: Ubisoft has referred to the Rainbow Six Siege esports league as “grassroots” in the past. Given the ample growth and success of the league year-over-year, do you feel that mentality still exists?

Adam Climan: We believe strongly that any esport is only as strong as the community. We remain committed to supporting grassroots initiatives while focusing our efforts on progressing the pro division and challenger leagues, respectively.

Console Creatures: Having North America be one of the major pillars in the esports program is something Ubi has been working tirelessly for. Now that we’re further along with that goal, what other ways are Ubisoft supporting North American players this year?

Adam Climan: We are very excited to have revamped our challenger league making it more accessible and more rewarding for all players in the Canadian (and the USA) ecosystem. In addition to that, stay tuned for more exciting announcements in the coming weeks!