Ubisoft Announces Shape Up Coach, Battle Run and Season Pass Details

Ubisoft released a 101 Trailer for Shape Up, providing a deeper look into the features which transform the video game into a fun yet effective fitness tool for players of all levels. Shape Up will be available exclusively on Kinect for Xbox One on November 11, 2014.

Shape Up combines a foundation of established fitness methods with entertaining and rewarding workout routines to prove that having fun while you work out will lead to better results in the end. A recent study done by Université du Québec à Montréal tested the effectiveness of the Shape Up Training Quest program when compared to workouts done without the game.* The study concluded that working out with Shape Up leads to results 25% MORE EFFECTIVE THAN TRADITIONAL WORKOUTS.

Developed using a unique arcade art style, Shape Up invites players to ditch their boring workout in favor of wacky fitness challenges that take the chore out of working out. Each of the three game modes – Quick Play, Training Quest and Online Match – present quirky, points-driven fitness challenges designed to keep players entertained and stimulated throughout their workout. Shape Up also provides a complete fitness solution for those looking to stay connected to their fitness goals even while on the go.

No matter what your fitness goal, SHAPE UP COACH has the training program for you. SHAPE UP COACH is an online service that allows you to personalize your individual fitness routines and plan for healthy eating. Players can choose from any of the more than 95 workouts developed by a certified fitness trainer that focus on all aspects of the body including Abs, Arms and Full-Body, and are based on intensity and length. SHAPE UP COACH provides the building blocks for personalizing your own dynamic workout playlist and tools to upload it directly into the game. The service also makes eating healthy simple by creating meal plans based on your dietary goals and providing an easy-to-use food diary and grocery list for each week. SHAPE UP COACH will be available starting at launch and for free for the first 30 days.

Never miss a step with SHAPE UP BATTLE RUN, the mobile app that turns boring interval running into a game that keeps you motivated while you pound the pavement. Players can select Story Mode, which puts runners in wacky scenarios such as a mad-scramble through a zombie-infested cityscape – or Quick Race, which provides 5 to 30-minute running programs designed to keep the rhythm and level up your fitness. For a more competitive run, connect with friends using UPlay or recruit one of the Shape Up coaches and challenge them to a friendly competition of who can run the furthest. With every step, runners will accumulate Points and Bolts, and have their stats tracked in their overall in-game fitness program. Download SHAPE UP BATTLE RUN for free on iOS, Android and Windows 8 on November 11th.

Keep your workouts fresh throughout the New Year with the Shape Up Season Pass. Available at launch, the season pass includes access to all post-launch content including two new unlockable workouts – Bolt Camp and Jungle Burner – available exclusively to Season Pass holders, and an additional 30 days free of SHAPE UP COACH at launch. Two DLC packs and a new re-Play challenger will arrive just in time for New Year’s Resolutions in January. Season Pass owners can practice martial arts with the Ghost Master, or compete in a push up competition with a Lumberjack in the two new Training Quests, or go head to head against Kick-Ass from the Kick-Ass movies in three Quick Play challenges. The Season Pass is available for $24.99.



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