Trophy Levels Are Changing on PlayStation

Trophies have been around since the PlayStation 3 and have since become a huge staple of the ecosystem. We all love collecting trophies when completing a satisfying task in a game and hearing that wonderous sound pop up with a notification in the corner of your screen never gets old.

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Today, Sony has pl;ay a new levelling system coming to the Trophy system. You’ll notice when you sign on that the Trophy level is no longer set from 1-100 and is now 1-999. This update automatically remaps your current level to the new level range based on the Trophies you’ve earned to date. If you’re for example, at level 12, your converted level jumps to anywhere in the low 200’s. It also depends on the number and grade of trophies you’ve earned and no changes will be made to what you’ve already earned for Trophies.

Continuing on, Sony implemented a new Trophies level calculation system that is not only optimized for the future but also rewarding to the player. Through early levels, you’ll progress quickly and levels will increase more consistently. Platinums are even more valuable in the new system.

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On PlayStation 5, the trophy level icon has been changed and will also be reflected on the PlayStation App later on. Right now, progression is tied to a gold star, with the new system, variants are being added.

  • Bronze: levels 1-299
  • Silver: levels 300 – 599
  • Gold: levels 600 – 998
  • Platinum: level 999

Each level will be distinct and will tell you how close you are to levelling up. Most importantly, progess you’ve made on previous generations will come with you to PlayStation 5. All of these updates will be automatically implemented on the system side, starting later tonight.