tron: identity

TRON: Identity Launches In April

Revealed during Disney and Marvel Games Showcase held last September, Bithell GamesTron: Identity will launch on April 11, the developer has confirmed.

Set in a new Grid, one forgotten by its Creator and left alone to evolve without any User intervention, this world has experienced an unprecedented crime. At The Repository, a break-in occurs, leaving the future of this world in the balance.

Tron: Identity is a visual novel following query, a detective program tasked with uncovering what was taken and by whom. Set in a world “built on unstable foundations and filled with whispered knowledge, it’s up to you to question suspects and investigate your surroundings to piece together the truth.”

Each decision you make will actively decide and influence the story with a multitude of outcomes, both good and bad.

Tron: Identity will launch on Switch and PC next month.