TMNT Sessions Skate Sim

Trick It Out With TMNT In Session: Skate Sim

Can you kick(flip) it? Yes you can!

It’s a self-proclaimed ultra-realistic skateboarding sim, but now, Session: Skate Sim is bringing the ultra-cool green dudes from New York into the fold.

To help mark the release of TMNT: Mutant Mayhem, Session: Skate Sim released a new, free update today that will allow you to kickflip, grind, and grab your way around their 90’s inspired skateboarding world. Not only that, but you’ll be able to tackle the city underground with the green crew!

Not only can you play as any of the four Turtles, but the devs have also created some unique touches: “A brand-new filter inspired by the movie’s artist direction team has been adopted in the replay editor, and a whole collection of themed objects and content has been added in tribute to this iconic franchise.”

It’s an excellent addition to a popular skating game. But be warned, just because the TMNT are here to skate in Session doesn’t mean the game will be more forgiving. It is notoriously tricky, as realism is the name of the game. And a quick heads up that as the update is free, the Turtles cost some in-game currency, so stock up!

But with the added filters on the video creator tool, for example, landing a series of tricks as your favourite green teenager will likely be very rewarding and awesome to share with friends and the skating community.