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Travel Back To The Worlds Of Star Ocean – The Last Hope With This Remaster

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Prequel to the original STAR OCEAN, STAR OCEAN – THE LAST HOPE, is re-releasing next month fully remastered in HD on PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam). The digital release will be hitting consoles and PC on November 28th 2017.

Developed in partnership with tri-Ace, STAR OCEAN: THE LAST HOPE takes place at the beginning of the STAR OCEAN series timeline and is a full HD remaster with added 4K support and PC keyboard, mouse and controller support. The game takes players on an epic journey across the universe in an immersive, intergalactic story of survival where humanity must turn to the stars in search of a new home. Featuring strategic real-time combat, the remastered title also keeps the original deep Item Creation System and Private Action system that explores character relationships and subplots for a richer and more rewarding story, and exhilarating Blindside battle system, which fuses evasion and offense.

When the game releases digitally on the PlayStation 4 Store and Steam it’ll cost $20.99, but until December 12th PS+ members and Steam users can purchase the game with a 10% off discount. Additionally, those who purchase the game off Steam before December 12th will also recieve an an exclusive mini soundtrack for the game. Those who purchase the game on PlayStation 4 before January 8th will recieve an exclusive Theme as well as 12 avatars featuring the main characters.