Trash Panda x Goodfood

Earn Real Life Rewards As Trash Panda and Goodfood Partner For Zero Food Waste Day

Bonuses online and offline!

Trash Panda may be a nickname some Canadians give to the sometimes pesky racoons in their neighbourhood, but it’s also the perfect title for a simulator!

Trash Panda from JLeaver Presentations has partnered up with a fellow Canadian meal-kit company to help promote our collective limit on food waste for Zero Food Waste Day on April 24th. Part of Goodfood’s push in the last several years, is lowering the amount of food waste the average consumer creates. They’ve even put out numerous commercials featuring their own racoon, Richard!

But what does this have to do with the Trash Panda game you ask? Well, for a limited time while playing it you can earn rewards in and out of the game!


In the game itself, you’re awarded points for the items and food you find for example. The streets of Toronto where the game takes place, are perfect for this! So for Zero Food Waste Day, the Goodfood and Trash Panda event will award extra points in-game for anyone who finds what they’re calling “scrapless meal-kit boxes.”

Collect a certain amount, and you could also earn up to $250 off real life meal-kits from Goodfood! A pretty sweet deal just for roaming the streets of Toronto as a racoon.

Trash Panda is available now on Steam, with the limited time promotion running until late May.