Transistor Sells Over One Million Copies


Bastion and Transistor developer, Supergiant Games, has revealed some sales numbers for both Transistor and Bastion. Transistor has crossed a million copies and Bastion has hit over three million copies. Right now, those who don’t have either game should consider spending a little bit of money and purchasing them as there is a huge sale on both Steam and the App Store.

Latest Happenings: It’s the holidays so these days you can get great deals on stuff we’ve made.

· Get Transistor for PC/Mac/Linux for just $3.99 in the Steam Winter Sale.

· Get Bastion for PC/Mac/Linux for just $3.74 in the Steam Winter Sale.

· Get Transistor for iPhone/iPad/AppleTV for just $2.99 through the holidays.

· Get Bastion for iPhone/iPad for just $0.99 through the holidays.

As we look ahead to 2016, our goal as a studio remains the same as when we were just getting started in the living room of a house in San Jose back in 2009: to stick together as a small team, and keep making games that spark your imagination.

Congratulations to the team at Supergiant Games, who deserve the praise for both their games and for their accomplishments!

Here’s to 2016 and what you have in store for us.