Banner Saga Developer Reveals Towerborne

Stoic Studio, the team behind The Banner Saga, is working on Towerborne, a new series revealed at Xbox Games Showcase.

Humanity relies on the Belfry, a beacon of hope and safety in the City of Numbers. With monsters lurking everywhere outside the tower’s wall, you play as an Ace, a hero with the skills and determination to protect the Belfry. Towerborne throws an AI companion, known as a spirit companion, by your side to help you achieve your destiny.

You can head out of the Belfry solo or with three other Aces to attempt and stop the monsters from taking over the city. Aces can recruit Umbra companions and gain access to enhanced skills and abilities to use in battle. Then you’ll return to the Belfry and complete quests, upgrade gear and more.

Towerborne has many customization options to make your gear and weapons your own. Then you can switch up the experience by changing the danger level to make enemies stronger. Also, wield powerful weapons with unique special moves from one of four styles: War Clubs, Gauntlets, Dual Daggers, and Swords & Shields.