Tower of Fantasy

Tower Of Fantasy Announces Latest Simulacrum & Halloween Challenges

Things are getting spooky in Tower of Fantasy.

The new multi-week Halloweeks event — which has already started this week — has some searching and collecting in exchange for some treats!

Jump right now into Sweet Night of Horror, where you collect candies from across Vera and Mirroria between 12 a.m. and 11 p.m. server time until the end of the month.

Starting soon is the Wandering Jack-O-Lantern event, where players can find said Jack-O-Lantern gift boxes around Mirroria, with new ones spawning every two hours.

The Maze of Dread event functions as a new limited-time asymmetric PvP battle where one player is a ghost trying to escape from the maze while avoiding other players. 

A new simulacrum character named Ling Han is also announced to arrive on October 24th as part of the Version 3.3: A Sword Dance of Ice update.

She’s described as, “Ling Han, also known as Lady Baihu, appointed by Zhen Gong, is entrusted with overseeing Marshville. Being naturally reserved, Ling Han keeps a low profile and mostly keeps to herself, maintaining a distance from others. Deeply, she values her friendships, particularly with her predecessor, Nan Yin. To Ling Han, Nan Yin is both a mentor and a cherished friend. However, what will Ling Han do with her now-corrupt friend after she succumbs to the Darkness?”

To learn more about her, watch the extended trailer above!