Top 5 Home Theater Essentials

Having a dedicated room as a home theatre is the stuff that dreams are made of. Whether you want to use the room for a family movie night, a Superbowl party, or to catch up on your favourite TV show, there is no better way to be entertained.

Although large and lavish homes have boasted home theatres for many years, for the majority of people, such a luxury was an impossibility. TVs and entertainment-based technologies were far too expensive for most families to build a home theatre.

Over the past decade, we have gained unprecedented access to TV and movie content. All of your favourite content is now available on-demand at the click of a button or the flick of a screen. TVs today are gigantic and they’re much more affordable. In a Netflix obsessed society, it is far more common for people to have home theatres set up.

If you’re updating yours, or are planning on building one, here are five top tips for creating an incredible home theatre.

1. Quality sound equipment

Sound quality is the key ingredient to making the movie theatre experience so special.

Ensure that your home theatre is equipped with a quality sound system. Surround sound gives a real movie theatre effect and is a fantastic way of creating an atmosphere. Whether you’re watching a horror movie or sports, quality surround sound is a game-changer.

If you or your family like to watch late-night TV, perhaps some headphones would be useful to keep noise interference at a minimum.

2. Projector

Provided you have space and a light-coloured wall to project onto; a projector is one of the ultimate additions to a home theatre.

They are surprisingly mobile and portable so you can bring them to another room or a friend’s house.

Modern projectors have custom settings so you can adjust the screen size depending on your needs.

Best of all, they are good value, and you can pick one up quite cheaply compared to a TV.

3. Great content

To make the most of a home theatre, you’ll need the best content available. Ensure that you get access to a streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, or other subscription services.

Set up your Blu-ray player and find a place to store your collection.

Alternatively, you can download a movie and TV series catalogue and store it on a hard drive. There are plenty of places to download content from, but make sure that it’s legally sourced. Check out Troypoint’s best torrent sites list of 2020 for some ideas.

4. Gaming console

If you’re a gamer, your home theatre can double up as an excellent gaming hideout. This is a wonderful form of escape on a lazy Sunday or the ideal location for an awesome games night.


5. Seating

There’s no worse way to spoil a great movie night than uncomfortable seating. Your home theatre should be the coziest and most comfortable room in your house, so don’t overlook your seating options.

Reclining sofas with drinks holders will give a cinematic feel to the room. Bean bags are another great choice and could be the perfect option if you have young kids.