Top 5 Characters We Think Will Be In The New Super Smash Brothers For The Nintendo Switch

On March 8 Nintendo officially unveiled a new Super Smash Brothers game coming out for the Nintendo Switch in 2018 as part of its Nintendo Direct. It was the last trailer shown and along with confirming a new Super Smash Brothers game it also unveiled two new playable characters in the male and female inklings from the original Splatoon. Smash fans were surely rejoicing but this also means the rampant speculation as to which new characters will be in the new game will officially begin (don’t even get me started on whether it is a new game or a deluxe port from the Wii U version).

So of course we want to join in on the fun and provide our own predictions in terms of which characters we “think” will be making their first appearance in this new Smash game. The key word is “think” as opposed to “want” and will be compiling this list off of plausible fighter inclusions. This list is only for “new” characters and we won’t be considering past smash characters that didn’t appear in the latest Wii U game, such as Snake and Ice Climbers. We will also be considering both Nintendo and third party characters.

In no particular order, here is the list of the top 5 characters we think will be in the new Super Smash Brothers for the Nintendo Switch:

Waluigi 6


One of the most requested Nintendo party characters is Waluigi. While Waluigi has never had his own game he has appeared in many Nintendo games as a playable character such as Mario Tennis, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Golf and many more. Yes, he did appear as an assist trophy in the latest Super Smash Brothers, hitting his opponents into the ground with a tennis racket, but we think this is his coming out party. Although there are already plenty of characters in Smash from the Mario world, this is one inclusion we can totally see happening. His move sets would most likely be the tennis racket, using his long legs to kick opponents and long arms to hit opponents. Final smash: his mustache grows long and can attack opponents with great strength.

255px SMR Toad


Toad has almost always been a background character in every Mario game. Then, in 2014, Nintendo released “Captain Toad Treasure Tracker” for the Wii U, Toad finally got his own game! The game garnered fantastic reviews, so much so that Nintendo has decided to re-release the game for the Nintendo Switch. To build on this popularity it would only make sense to include Toad in the new Smash game. His move sets could include a pick-axe for attacking opponents, a nap sack to absorb enemy fire and throwing treasure at his opponents to hurt them. Final smash: Toad gets into a mining cart and flies around the screen hitting opponents with it.

Er ridley sm


Yeah, yeah, yeah we know. Ridley is too big of a character to be able to be a smash fighter. Sakurai even made him a stage hazard in the last Smash game and didn’t include him as a playable character, so why would he include Ridley in this new Smash game? Ridley is arguably the most requested character not in Smash and would be too good to pass up this time around. After all, we are getting a Metroid Prime 4 in the near future and what better way to promote the game than with a playable Ridley. Also, there are plenty of fighters in Smash that are originally big characters but were reduced in size in order to be playable such as Bowser, Charizard, and King Dedede. His move sets would most likely include using his long tail to hit opponents, snapping at opponents with his teeth and shooting out fireballs. Final smash: Ridley grows in size and flies around the screen attacking all of his opponents.

char chibi plug in

Chibi Robo

We couldn’t resist throwing in a curveball, as that is what the Smash series is all about. The last Smash game gave us Little Mac and Duck Hunt Dog, characters that haven’t been seen since they debuted on the NES and SNES. While the Chibi-Robo game did not sell as many copies as was hoped it still received critical acclaim and feels like the perfect type of character that could join the Smash team out of nowhere. He was also mysteriously used as a meme on Nintendo’s Twitter account right before the Nintendo Mini Direct was announced in January 2018 where he was covered in a mysterious red flame. Was this a clue? We think so! His move sets could be electrocuting his opponents with his plug, hitting his opponents with his plug and brushing his opponents with his toothbrush. Final smash: he engulfs the entire screen in a ball of electricity.


Crash Bandicoot

If Ryu and Cloud can be in Smash why not Crash Bandicoot? He is another long asked for third-party character for Smash and we feel this is the right time for him to be joining the battle. In the same Nintendo Direct that Smash was revealed the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane trilogy was also revealed to be coming to the Nintendo Switch, so it feels like the stars are aligning for this to happen. He feels like a perfect fit on the Smash roster and even feels like a Nintendo character. His move sets could be using Aku Aku to hit opponents, throwing wumpa fruits at his opponents and slide tackling his opponents. Final smash: TNT boxes fall from the sky and explode everywhere.