To the Star

To the Star Announced By Former CD Projekt Red Developers

Former CD Projekt Red staff formed, a studio out of Poland and launched Gord. Now they are looking to their next project, To the Star.

Described as a “whimsical survival adventure game,” To the Star is inspired by Alice in Wonderland.


They offer a unique setting that distinguishes itself from other survival adventure games prioritizing realism. One of its standout features is the cooking system, which allows players to create unusual dishes using various ingredients. These dishes can combine ordinary items such as snail slime and snake meat with intangible ones like suppressed emotions or lost dreams. The dishes can be consumed or thrown at enemies, allowing players to express their feelings and feel satisfied. Additionally, players can experiment with different material combinations to create and save their recipes for dishes, weapons, and gear, provided they have the necessary crafting equipment.

There is also a base-building system that allows you to use your character’s backpack (a mini-portal) to pull items from another dimension to work on your base.

“We’re keen on integrating player feedback and ideas into the project from the get-go. The earlier we start, the more we will be able to modify,” says Game Director Stan Just. We want to invite survival adventure players to co-create this game with us by engaging in feature discussions, regular surveys, AMAs, and more. ”
The developers will launch in Early Access on Steam and keep the game for ” approximately six months.” This timeline may change depending on development challenges.