To the Moon

To the Moon Kickstarter Funded In 45 Minutes

It’s a good week for Kan Gao and Toronto’s Freebird Games.

Their latest Kickstarter for To the Moon is currently at $153,906 and growing as I write this. With a goal of $50,000, the studio will likely get more than three times their desired amount to assemble their game.

All supporters get to leave their message in the series finale, To the Moon’s Beach Episode, where players will find a note dug up in the sand containing these messages.

Speaking of To the Moon’s Beach Episode, the trailer for that finale has just dropped.

Anime fans may read that and think, great! An upbeat, sexy and silly episode to give us a break! But that looks to be far from the truth. The commercial features a sombre piano over hand-drawn and SNES-like graphics and a title card reading, “The ending isn’t any more important than the moments leading to it, right?”

I think it’s safe to say there’s some death in this chapter.

As Freebird says, “To the Moon’s Beach Episode will be centred around the SigCorp. doctors, Dr. Watts & Dr. Rosalene, but nearly all characters from the series, including from To the Moon, Finding Paradise, and Impostor Factory, are making an appearance in this reunion at the end of a decade.”