Tips for Creating the Perfect Family Gaming Setup

Gaming is a popular pastime for people of just about any age. If you and your family find this to be a unique bonding experience, then creating the perfect family gaming setup is something that you need to do to make the time you spend together gaming more enjoyable. 

There are many ways that you can create a gaming setup for your family that will make everybody comfortable. Here’s a look at some of the major things you can do.

Understand Your Needs

When you have a gaming setup you must make sure that you are considering the preferences of each family member. Most kids will have different gaming preferences based on their skill level and the screen time limits you have for them. 

You also want to make sure that they are only getting age-appropriate content. By understanding these needs and keeping them at the forefront of your thoughts, you can make it easier to craft a setup that is right for everyone at any age. 

Gaming Alone Is Still Okay

While you may have dedicated the area for family gaming, you should let your kids know that it’s still okay for them to play on their own as well. Gaming is one of those things that has been proven to improve mental health and help relax those involved when it is done in a healthy way.

Let kids get comfortable in the area. Video gaming by themselves will encourage independence away from the family. You should also encourage them to play other types of games by themselves as well, such as the popular card game solitaire. Card games are fun and they’re a great way to introduce them to gaming as a way to relax.

Select Family Friendly Games

When you’re considering games that you want to play as a family, you have to make sure that you are selecting games that were created with the family in mind. There are many games out there that take into consideration that families may want to play together. 

Hunt down and stick to these as they usually provide a lot of entertainment for both kids and parents alike. It’s not too hard to dig up these treasures. 

All you have to do is conduct a specific search of the internet and you’re likely to find exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t forget to check out the reviews on these games as well, as they will give you more information about their family-friendly qualities.

Don’t Give Away Your Power

As a parent when you are purchasing a game that claims to be family friendly you really have to make sure that it is what it says it is. In any event, if you miss a spot the parental controls that you should put in place are often enough of a deterrent for ensuring that inappropriate content is not getting to your children.

Many family-friendly games will have age-appropriate content filters, as well as time limits to ensure that your children not only play games that are kid-friendly but also get time out from it when they need it. If you don’t do this your kids could end up playing games for hours on end which is bad for their mental health and their vision. 

Choose a Great Location

The next thing you will need to do is choose a great location for your gaming setup. Ideally, you want to have a special room for this but it is not always possible especially if you have a limited space and a big family.

The best thing you can do is make sure you’re choosing a central location that has comfortable seating. 

You must have quality lighting. You don’t want anybody squinting as they are trying to play games. 

Consider investing some money into a large TV screen or gaming monitors that have great visibility for kids and adults alike. It’s time for you to scour through those reviews on Amazon to find what you want.

The Right Equipment

The right equipment is an important part of the family gaming setup. Just as with any other gaming setup you have to make sure that everybody is comfy and cozy. 

You won’t get the kids hanging around long anywhere that is too cumbersome. There are the usual things that you must get right such as getting the right chairs, desk and monitors. 

If you can, try to get monitors that have a high refresh rate. This will make the gameplay smoother for all family members involved. The size and the resolution of the monitor is also very important when you’re going to have multiple people playing at the same time.

Encourage back support and reduce the pain by getting comfortable chairs for your setup. Durability is also something that you need to consider along with comfort. 

Since there are so many people who will be using these chairs you want to make sure that they are sturdy and long-lasting. You don’t need to replace these types of chairs very often, that will burn a hole in your pocket.

Encourage Healthy Gaming

As a parent, you have to put rules and boundaries in place when it comes to games. You also have to engage in these healthy boundaries as well. The best thing you can do in this situation is to make sure that you are leading by example. 

Make sure that you are balancing out your screen time as well. You cannot tell your kids to get off screens when you are always on them. Don’t let the gaming setup become so addictive for you that your kids follow suit.

It also goes without saying that you need to select a proper desk as well. When buying this make sure the desk has a surface area that can accommodate all the peripherals that come with gaming. 

This will force you to keep everything in one place and you won’t be running around trying to find things when it’s time for gaming.

Storage and Organization

Storage and organization is a must if you want your gaming area to stay neat. You don’t want the area to consistently look like a tornado has passed through it. 

When you have kids playing in an area this is likely to happen very fast. The area won’t know what hit it. 

This is why you should always make sure that organizing games is easy. Try to get desks that you have built-in storage as well as drawers and shelves. This way you can easily store controllers and other accessories.

You might also want to consider investing in some storage ideas that are specifically targeted towards gaming. Wall mounts are available that can keep your consoles safe. Consider gaming racks too. It might be worth it for you to drop some cash on these items.

If you’re like most parents an untidy house makes you feel agitated almost as if you want to pull out your hair. This is normal.

Getting your kids to keep the area organized is one way of keeping your sanity. 

Keep It Lit

One of the reasons why you encourage your children to stay away from the screen for a period and put limitations in place is because you want to keep their vision safe. 

However, one of the easiest ways to do this is my ensure that the gaming area has enough lighting. You can try LED strips and smart bulbs.

Having flexible lighting options means that you can turn the lights up or down whenever you need to. This will ensure you always have the right ambience.