Versus Evil

Tinybuild’s Indie Publishing Arm Versus Evil Closes

Tinybuild has shuttered its publishing arm Versus Evil after a decade. The news comes just days before the Christmas holiday, leaving many in a lurch.

Several employees took to Twitter to reveal that the situation was out of their control, citing that “this wasn’t a Versus Evil decision of choice [the layoffs].”

“The entire 13-person company was laid off at the start of our Christmas break,” announced product strategy director Francis Fincke on LinkedIn.

Weeks after Tinybuild announced that it had seen a weak year, it was looking to accelerate a cost reduction plan that would focus on lower-risk projects. At the start of December, Tinybuild revealed Versus Evil was underperforming. The news is unsurprising, given we’ve seen over 9,000 people across the industry lose their jobs.

Moving forward, Tinybuild will now publish any titles previously attached to Versus Evil.